Welcome To Coached To Excellence

Coached to Excellence is a provider of coaching and development services, supported by training, networking and work placement services.

We work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds by helping them to help themselves stride out to success. Our ultimate goal is to give individuals access to coaching tools and techniques to empower them to achieve their potential.

Our aim is to bridge the gaps between circumstance and excellence by utilising coaching tools and techniques, professional training, development and our network of contacts, to help individuals define and achieve their true potential in work and life.

Our objectives are to

  • Equip individuals with the enterprising attributes, skills and knowledge to succeed.
  • Support individuals into training, education and employment.
  • Support individuals into self-employment.
  • Support individuals to be successful leaders in their field.
  • Empower individuals to coach and mentor others.

Our Values

Coached to Excellence aims bridge the gaps between circumstance and excellence with the individuals, corporations and the partners we work with! Our Vision reflects our values....

  • Inspiring. To promote the achievements of our clients, to inspire and motivate other like-minded individuals and organisations.
  • Networked. To identify, facilitate and develop relationships for professional and personal development.
  • Successful. The drive to succeed is a core characteristic reflected throughout our work with entrepreneurs and our stakeholders.
  • Pioneering. Coached to Excellence encourages its clients to believe in themselves and their abilities and to be pioneers in their chosen industry.
  • Inclusive. Coached to Excellence strives to work with individuals from all ages, backgrounds and communities.
  • Responsible. Coached to Excellence is committed to promoting and practicing the best way to run a business, with a positive impact on the environment, economy and community.
  • Entrepreneurial. Nurturing the entrepreneurial nature of our staff, members and our partners is fundamental to our business success.
  • Dynamic. Motivated and energetic to explore and harness new challenges and opportunities that are presented to us as entrepreneurs.